The power of color psychology.Blue and green.

In color psychology, the effects of color on human well-being and human color perception are studied.This time we want to tell you about the two most common colors, which can also be seen in almost every set of our Paint by numbers - BLUE and GREEN.

Blue tones are most often associated with the sky or water.However, it is valuable to know what properties this paint has and how it can affect your well-being.

Blue is almost non-existent in primitive art because it is difficult to obtain, and when it appears later, it immediately becomes the most expensive color.

In color psychology, the color blue is described as peaceful, peace-bearing and relaxing, symbolizing intelligence, trust, balance.It can calm the nervous system.Interestingly, the color blue can reduce appetite, so people often put it in the kitchen, mainly in blue tones, to psychologically accelerate the feeling of satiety.Blue is one of the colors of inspiration, so the painting showing the blue tones can be safely placed in any room - in the bedroom light blue tones will provide peace and well-being, but in the study you can choose something brighter - for inspiration.

Green is associated with nature - plants, forests, grass…Green is also an inspiring color, it is more energetic than blue, it is strong, but at the same time it is great for soothing.It symbolizes life, balance and harmony, joy and optimism.A work of art painted in these tones is definitely worth placing in the living room - for harmony and balance.Through this color we can get closer to nature, thinking about the forest, green fields, blooming leaves in spring and the endless emergence of life.

Both blue and green tones are found in most of usPainted by numbersset.So these tones can give their good qualities, not only when you put them on canvas, but also when the painting is finished and, beautifully attached to the wall, delights you every day.