8 fascinating facts about art.

Art in itself is something beautiful and amazing.Without it, our lives would not be imaginable.Others are less fond of it, others much more, but in the end it is not the case that none of us know anything about it.In this blog we have gathered 8 interesting facts about art.

The first fact is that various studies have found that learning and practicing art is closely linked to higher achievement in reading and mathematics.When we read, fantasy develops, while when we count, we develop thinking.Both of these things are necessary in art.

As a second fact, new and intensified brain research has shown that creativity, social development and self-worth are fostered through art.Maybe we need to consider Painting or Painting by Numbers to be more creative and creative?

As a third fact - Leonardo da Vinci took 12 years to correct Mona Lisa's lipstick painting!Imagine how long it took to create Mona Lisa the way she still appears in the painting?

Here follows the fourth interesting fact: Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian and therefore fought for animal rights.He bought the caged birds and then released them.

As a fifth factor, Roman statues were made with several heads that could be replaced at any time.Sounds a bit funny, but on the other hand, the works didn't get boring and tedious.

The sixth most interesting factor is that before Picasso learned to walk, he had already learned to draw.So the first word he said was the word pencil.

The seventh fact is that in 1565 the first pencil was invented in England.

The eighth interesting fact is that the English artist Andy Brown sewed together a total of 1,000 used tea bags to create a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Reading all these facts, it is clear that art is creative and exciting.At every step, something new, unprecedented, interesting is created.It is possible that if we become artists, we will leave some traces in history.It is even possible that our works will be called interesting in the distant future and will be talked about for generations to come.